A summary of the short story the potatoes by kim dong in

The next day the boy returns to the stream but the girl is not there. Kim has a particular talent for getting people to talk to him and for hiding his identity as a British guy.

These are apparently useful traits when you want to spy for the British colonial government of India. Kim is delighted to do it—he just loves trouble. Certainly, the stories concern themselves with ordinary people and many are very gritty.

According to the lama, once during a test of strength the Buddha shot an arrow out far beyond his furthest target. The title story tells of a woman who falls into prostitution through the deprivations of poverty. The lama is glad to have a chela, a disciple, and the two make plans to go to the holy city of Benares now Varanasi.

Kim slips into the army camp and gets caught by an Anglican priest attached to the regiment. Once he has given this Englishman his note confirming that there are five kings in northern India who are planning to break away from the British Indian government, he secretly sits and waits to hear what comes of it.

Sweat has been pouring out of me nonstop since morning.

Stories of Potatoes

All schoolchildren are raised with this story since it has been part of the required curriculum for a long time. The lama wants to speak to the curator of the Wonder House because he has heard that the curator is a wise man.

“Sweet Potato: collected short stories” by Kim Tongin

The Russian guy likes the look of this drawing and tries to take it from the lama, actually hitting the lama in the face when he refuses to sell this piece of religious art for money.

So the lama has found his River at long last, and he is ready to show it to Kim to bring him wisdom.


But just as he was about to receive Enlightenment, a voice asked him what would happen to Kim if the lama died. He needs to talk to smart people, because he is looking for something extremely important to him: There is much of Dostoevsky in these stories; in the latter, perhaps shades of of Solzhenitsyn.

The Babu rushes on ahead and befriends these two Russian agents; he pretends to be a guide, and volunteers to bring them to Simla the summer capital of British India. The lama and Kim travel south to the house of the Kulu woman. But now that the lama knows that Kim is British, he wants Kim to have the best education that money can buy.

When he hears that Kim is going south, he thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get a little kid to do a dangerous job for him, so Mahbub Ali hands Kim a secret, coded message to bring to an Englishman in the city of Umballa now called Ambala, right on the border of the Punjab and Haryana states when he and the lama pass through.

Back in the present, Kim and the lama are planning to stay for a bit at the house of a woman they met during their first round of searching for the River of the Arrow: This was clearly an act of collaboration and is regarded, even today in Korea, as a stain on his literary career.

After this day, the boy keeps coming to the stream, but the girl is not there. If the lama can find that river and bathe in it, then he will be Enlightened. It is hardly surprising that after the better part of a century, some of the stories seem a bit dated.

He also takes care to badmouth the British and praise Russia at every opportunity, which totally fools these two guys into thinking he is loyal to them.

The hot sun that seems to be caught on the edge of the eaves sends down its endless heat. The lama is showing Kim his illustration of the Great Wheel of Existence for more on this, go and see our analysis in the " Symbols, Imagery, Allegory " section.

Kim Dong-in

Between Lurgan, his ongoing friendship with Mahbub Ali, and his more formal education at St. It is a story of two young people on the verge of falling in love. This man is a lamaa Tibetan Buddhist from the North. The piece ends with the narrator musing: He likes Kim because the kid is a dependable carrier of messages and because he is really good at disguises and hiding.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. When she tires of him, she gets him to see her real, unglamorous husband by leaving a letter lying about. Peter Gordon is editor of the Asian Review of Books.Aug 01,  · Hwang Sun-wŏn’s short story “Shower” By far the most famous short story in Korean literature is Shower (소나기 Sonagi, ) written by Hwang Sun-wŏn ().

For many Koreans it is the most representative story for portraying the sensibilities that are unique to Korean culture. Short Story for Kids written by: Ismael Suarez Iglesias.

Once upon a time, there was a potato that grew a lot and had arms and legs. But Miss cauliflower was too small and was not growing.

She wanted to grow like the potato, but she couldn´t; one day, the potato disappeared, somebody ate it. Stories of Potatoes A short story about the value of friendship over being impulsive.

A story about how pride and ostentation leads to defeat. A children story about practicing with effor and joy. A short story about how to protect life. A short story about helping each other in solidarity. Kim Dong-in is best known for his short stories that combine exquisite aesthetic sensibilities with succinct prose style and objective perspective.

The story was adapted again in by director Byun Jang-ho. Other works which made it to the screen are as follows.

Summary Language Symbols 1. The Flowers Main character does not appear to change throughout the short story She is sad, reminiscing about the happy past times she’s had in the setting with her friend Symbolic power of the vegetation used in the story is significant = her friend was “content with small potatoes”, but it suggests.

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A summary of the short story the potatoes by kim dong in
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