Animal breeding ethics essay

Canadian Council on Animal Care. It has been reasoned that once created, the use of genetically engineered animals will reduce the total number of animals used in any given experiment by providing novel and more accurate animal models, especially in applications such as toxicity testing This means that large numbers of animals are produced to obtain genetically engineered animals that are of scientific value, and this contradicts efforts to minimize animal use.

If animal welfare is not to be compromised, research must be restricted by a counter-balancing ethical principle that prevents altering animals in a way that was bad for the animal.

For clarity, in the new CCAC guidelines on: Overview and analysis of animal use in North America. The CCAC works to an accepted ethic of animal use in science, which includes the principles of the Three Rs Reduction of animal numbers, Refinement of practices and husbandry to minimize pain and distress, and Replacement of animals with non-animal alternatives wherever possible This technology could be applied to either extinct or endangered species; for example, there have been plans to clone the extinct thylacine and the woolly mammoth 5.

For example, typical genetic engineering procedures require surgery on the recipient female so that genetically engineered embryos can be implanted and can grow to full term; however, a technique called non-surgical embryo transfer NSET acts in a similar way to artificial insemination, and removes the need for invasive surgery Transgenic animals raise a particularly difficult problem.

Recent action to allow animals to be patented reinforces the idea of animals as human property, rather than beings in their own right.

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During the creation of new genetically engineered animals particularly mammalian species oocyte and blastocyst donor females may be induced to superovulate via intraperitoneal or subcutaneous injection of hormones; genetically engineered embryos may be surgically implanted to female recipients; males may be surgically vasectomized under general anesthesia and then used to induce pseudopregnancy in female embryo recipients; and all offspring need to be genotyped, which is typically performed by taking tissue samples, sometimes using tail biopsies or ear notching Most people agree that animals have at least some moral status — that is why it is wrong to abuse pets or needlessly hurt other animals.

Ethical considerations of the human-animal-relationship under conditions of asymmetry and ambivalence. These procedures are not unique to genetically engineered animals, but they are typically required for their production.

Perhaps one way forward would be to allow selective breeding only in countries where it is most needed. Selective breeding, also known as artificial selection involves identifying individuals with the desired characteristics and using them to parent the next generation.

Factors affecting the ways the predominance of animals traditionally classified as r-strategists over K-strategists varies that can inform actual policies.

Selective breeding and genetic engineering can benefit animals in many ways: Accordingly, potential animal rights violations are outweighed by the greater human benefits of animal research.

J Agr Enviro Ethic. Comparative and Veterinary Pharmacology. Consequently, even if animal welfare can be satisfactorily safeguarded, intrinsic ethical concerns about the genetic engineering of animals may be cause enough to restrict certain types of genetically engineered animals from reaching their intended commercial application.

Such limits to data and animal sharing may create situations in which there is unnecessary duplication of genetically engineered animal lines, thereby challenging the principle of Reduction.

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Questions regarding whether it is acceptable to make new transgenic animals go beyond consideration of the Three Rs, animal health, and animal welfare, and prompt the discussion of concepts such as intrinsic value, integrity, and naturalness Oritz G, Elizabeth S.

How to spread concern for wild animals and the idea that they should be helped, among the general public and animal advocates. Books Animal Liberation Peter Singer was an immensely influential book which discussed the ethics of animal use including animal research.

Genetic engineering of animals: Ethical issues, including welfare concerns

So if genetic engineering creates animals that help us to develop new human medicine then, ethically speaking, we may actually have a moral obligation to create and use them; or because of an expectation that genetic engineering of animals can help reduce experimental animal numbers, thus implementing the accepted Three Rs framework.

Animal rights groups will point out that while trying to improve the standard of living for humans, animal welfare is often forgotten or cast aside. There are many examples of initiatives that have been implemented already, from wild animal rescue centers to vaccination and feeding programs.

This reflects a belief in a hierarchy of moral standing with more complex animals at the top and microorganisms and plants at the bottom.The Ethics of Animal Research (Simon Festing and Robin Wilkinson) provides an insight into the ethics of animal research, including a look at public opinion and the animal welfare regulations.

It also has a useful and extensive references list. Some authors have made the case that genetic engineering requires us to expand our existing notions of animal ethics to include concepts of the intrinsic value of animals, or of animal “integrity” or “dignity”.

Transgenesis and Selective Breeding Essay. A+. Pages Words This is just a sample.


To get a unique essay. Ethics is a crucial part of the nature of biotechnology. Transgenic animals can contain genes that would not normally arise through natural genetic variation. Animal Breeding – The Genetic Basis Of Animal Breeding. Essay on Animal Breeding Ethics Words | 10 Pages at not just entertaining but generating profit beyond a spectator sport, pressure was felt in the industry.

List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals Definition. Persuasive or argumentative essays are those kind of essays in which a writer is trying to compel the reader to agree with his point. Your arguments should support your thesis statement and you should be able to prove your stance that whether you agree with the topic or not.

Jul 20,  · Biotechnology isn't something new - selective breeding to create more useful varieties of animals and plants is a form of biotechnology that human beings have used for thousands of years.

Animal breeding ethics essay
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