Essay on the character romeo

The play tells the story of an ancestral feud between two opposing families, the Montagues and the Capulets, causing several harmful consequences.

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet, however, is more sensible and quickly tells him to run away before he is caught but Romeo is determined to stay with Juliet as he is totally euphoric with love.

His love for Juliet lead him to make bad decisions and act impetuously and this has several bad consequences later on in the play.

Romeo is also filled with compassion because he knows that Paris has died without understanding the true love that he and Juliet shared.

Romeo does now in a terrible state of emotion, not owe that is it only a deep sleeping position. This is where Romeos life is put at risk for the sake of his friend. When the Nurse arrives, he clumsily attempts suicide. An Inspector Calls Essay It is a desperate time now for both Romeo and Juliet as, they are miles from each other and this may change everything if nothing is done.

Romeo and Juliet Character Essay

The next time you see Romeo, is at the Capulets Ball. The next time we see Romeo is when Mercutio and Tybalt are fighting. Once finding out that she is a Capulet, he declares that his life is wasted. By him saying that he had never seen true beauty, he was showing that the beauty of a woman was what he was looking for.

He shows volatile anger which he could have controlled, but instead leads him to kill his cousin-in-law. But all gets scrambled up and news is taking the wrong way.

Another situation in which Romeos feelings towards Juliet cause him to act foolishly is in the balcony scene.

The time and my intents are savage-wild, More fierce and more inexorable far Than empty tigers or the roaring sea. They are upon the balcony for a while and are sharing thoughts and feelings upon each other, talking about the difficulty between their families, and their love for each other.

Prior to seeing Juliet, Romeo talks about his infatuation with Rosaline, and the torment he suffers when he finds she does not love him back. Show how the character deals with these feelings and what effect this has on the outcome of the play.

Instead of using his head, Romeo only defines love with his eyes and heart. His capricious behavior is demonstrated through his rash love when he immediately moves on, without remorse or second thoughts, from Rosaline to Juliet whom he falls in love with instantly after laying eyes on her.

So, she seeks advice from Friar Lawrence. O here Will I set up my everlasting rest And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world wearied flesh. And throughout the play he becomes more mature and begins to understand love.

This is shown by the way he replies to Juliet, she is coming across as the independent, more intelligent one, even though she is younger and Romeo is older. This shows that Benvolio was right, in that if he went to the ball he would forget about Rosaline, and will be more enchanted by other beautiful women, such as Juliet.

When he sees her he is mortified, and then takes his own life but fiat as it is, Juliet then awakes, and sees Romeo on the floor. Was that my father that went hence so fast?

She takes it in that he is dead, and the love that she has for him, she wants to be with him, and takes her own life to be with him.Romeo Character Essay One character i will be discussing from the play Romeo and Juliet is, Romeo.

I will tell you what i found enjoyable about the character and also how he helped me to understand a key idea in the play, how revenge always ends badly. Romeo - The son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague.A young man of about sixteen, Romeo is handsome, intelligent, and sensitive.

Though impulsive and immature, his idealism and passion make him an extremely likable character. The Character of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Essay - The Character of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Mercutio is one of the most unique characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Character Analysis Essay In the play Romeo & Juliet, Romeo tends to blame destiny and fate for all of his problems. In reality, Romeo’s character is flawed. He shows this through his actions in the play. Essay about Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1 Analysis.

Romeo and Juliet Coursework In Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare raises the excitement and the tension throughout the scene by using dramatic tension between the characters, provocative and threatening dialogue, strong language effects, and sharp vital violence.

The Character Of Romeo Montague in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Words | 12 Pages. The Character Of Romeo Montague in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Romeo is one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” and is portrayed as a tragic figure, who is guided by his destiny.

Essay on the character romeo
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