Euthanasia should not be legalized essay

Voluntary euthanasia leads inevitably to involuntary euthanasia When voluntary euthanasia has been previously accepted and legalised, it has led inevitably to involuntary euthanasia, regardless of the intentions of the legislators.

First of all, one should be able to understand the term euthanasia. New treatments which the doctor is unaware of may have recently been developed or about to be developed.

He lacks the knowledge and skills to alleviate his own symptoms, and may well be suffering from fear about the future and anxiety about the effect his illness is having on others.

Pro-euthanasia people, who place the emphasis on mercy, argue that stewardship has not prevented the religious from exercising control in other areas of their lives for example, in using analgesics for surgery and childbirth.

Individual liberty, undesired misery, pain, and suffering, and one s frustration in having a worthless life all serve as critical circumstances to be considered thoroughly in legalizing the act of euthanasia everywhere.

Like any other issue, there are opposing viewpoints regarding the legalization of euthanasia. People in this position would most likely want to alleviate their pain, suffering, and depression just to name a few partially because of the inconveniences, emotional and physical burdens, and drawbacks imposed on family members, relatives, and friends.

The Dilemmas of Euthanasia. During their deliberations they took submissions from a variety of persons and parties. Holland is moving rapidly down the slippery slope with the public conscience changing quickly to accept such action as acceptable.

Autonomy is important but never absolute Autonomy is important. What we are considering is not the right to die at all, but rather the right to be killed by a doctor; more specifically we are talking of giving doctors a legal right to kill.

Some of the reasons that are compelling enough for us to change our laws are: I have a perfectly clear conscience about the part I played in the affair.

Gradually the sphere of those to be included in this category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted and finally all non- Germans. Personal autonomy is never absolute. If we do not address these issues openly and head-on, we will have continued uncertainty and unregulated practice of euthanasia or assisted suicide with the fear of prosecution hanging over the heads of all concerned.

In its Statement of Marbella, the World Medical Association[6] confirmed that assisted suicide, like euthanasia, is unethical and must be condemned by the medical profession. I am convinced that if Hippocrates were alive today he would change the wording of his oath Summary Voluntary euthanasia is unnecessary because alternative treatments exist It is widely believed that there are only two options open to patients with terminal illness: Voluntary euthanasia makes the doctor the most dangerous man in the state.

In addition, one should have the right to end his life by euthanasia because of the unsolicited pain, suffering, and misery he feels due to the disease he has or the condition he is in. Some of the safeguards include the following: Ambiguity in the application of the current law The current law conflicts with the law as it is being enforced.

They need to know that we are committed first and foremost to their well-being, even if this does involve expenditure of time and money. If the laws as written were being enforced, over a hundred people would have been prosecuted for accompanying their loved ones abroad to help them end their lives.

In most Western countries the first three ingredients are present already. Otherwise, different situations should not play any part in this issue. As the symptoms which prompt the request for euthanasia can be almost always managed with therapies currently available, our highest priority must be to ensure that top quality terminal care is readily available.

Losing the opportunity of caring for vulnerable people denies us an essential part of our humanity.

This has understandably provoked a distrust of doctors by patients who feel that they are being neglected or exploited. Those who regularly manage terminally ill patients recognise that they often suffer from depression or a false sense of worthlessness which may affect their judgment. The emphasis of euthanasia should be placed on the purpose of the act, not the nature of the act Bender In addition to that, some people believe that their quality of life is so low that they would rather die.

Works Cited Behnke, John A. If this is the case, then what position do others have to go against this? The right to life and the right to private and family life under the European convention on human rights should be interpreted broadly to include decisions about quality of life, including decisions about death if the life is no longer one of quality.

The solution to that question would have to be yes.

Compton s Interactive Encyclopedia. Just as he can do whatever he wishes with his possessions, such as selling his new house, he can also wish to discontinue his life if the reasons were rational.

Why we should make euthanasia legal

Therefore, that individual s decision should be carried out because he has that right to his own personal decision, which is only one of many reasons why euthanasia should be legalized.Voluntary euthanasia should be legalized in the United States, because a terminally ill, rational human being has the right to choose how they live and how they die.

Individuals can choose to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, eat an unhealthy diet and choose to not exercise, which will enviably lead to a shorter life expectancy as well as a. Why we should make euthanasia legal The goals of the medical profession should continue to remain one of saving lives but this should not be at the expense of compassion and a terminally ill.

Twelve Reasons Why Euthanasia Should Not be Legalised. Essay on Euthanasia Should Not Be Legalized. Euthanasia is a Greek word which means gentle and easy death.

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However, it is the other way around. It is not a gentle or easy death because there is not a type of death which called gentle in the world.

Euthanasia/Physician Assisted Suicide Should Not be Legalized Essay - I. Introduction An admired man, loved and respected by his family, was burdened with a life or death situation; his.

At the age of 72, this man was diagnosed with cancer and being middle class, the costs of treatment seemed more painful than the cancer itself.

Euthanasia Should Not Be Legalized in America Essay Euthanasia refers to the intentional bringing about of the death of a patient, either by killing him/her, or by letting him/her die, for the patient's sake to prevent further pain .

Euthanasia should not be legalized essay
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