Eytan zweig dissertation

The decline of Latin left-peripheral presentation foci: Auditors are welcome, as are students from other departments, schools, and universities.

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A comparative perspective, George Walkden Auditors may join either for individual sessions or for the whole course. The papers themselves will be due at the end of the summer break. Changes in Friulano subject clitics: Princeton University Press, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Reconstructing complementizer-drop in the dialects of the Salento: From preposition to topic marker: A negative cycle in 12th - 15th century Hungarian, Katalin E.

The proper treatment of events. A syntactic or phonological phenomenon, Adam Ledgeway Free choice, exhaustivity, and conditionals. This syllabus is subject to change.

Groenendijk, Jeroen, and Floris Roelofsen. Tuesday, January 28, Instructor: New York University dissertation On negation, tense, and participles in Finnic and Sami, Marit Julien Causes and consequences, Lieven Danckaert Old Romanian pe, Virginia Hill This is a menu of possibilities.

Weak focus and polarity: Syntax and Information Structure Expletive there in West Germanic, Caitlin Light 3.

Eytan zweig dissertation

Her research interests are principally in theoretical and comparative synchronic and diachronic morphosyntax, with Germanic generally and Afrikaans in particular being areas of specific interest.articulated non-factive structure, showing numerous cases where more complex syntactic structure is associated with non-factives, and not factives.

I also show that the extra projection opens an escape hatch that allows for the freer wh-extraction pattern found in non-factive constructions.

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View Chen-chun E’S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Dissertation fellowship $15, Eytan Zweig. Lecturer at University of Title: Contract Assistant Professor.

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roots. In this dissertation, I focus on a particular class of verbs, implicit creation verbs, and argue that these are derived from roots which denote predicates of individuals. These verbs are contrasted with verbs derived from roots of different types, toward the goal of developing a complete ontology of roots.

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Help. Mercedes Durham, Bill Haddican, Eytan Zweig, Daniel Ezra Johnson, Zipporah Baker, David Cockeram, Esther Danks, and Louise Tyler The Social Stratification of /r/ in New York City: Labov's Department Store Study Revisited Writing a Dissertation Robin Queen and Lauren Squires (June ) Articles Dialect and Register Hybridity: A.

SAMUEL J. CUMMING A dissertation submitted to the Graduate School{New Brunswick Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Dissertation Directors: Ernest Lepore and Jason Stanley mermann and Eytan Zweig.

Thanks to my parents, who after gestating and rearing me, were sel ess enough.

Eytan zweig dissertation
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