Jesus is a brand of jeans

Infiniti is an automobile, and Hydra Zen a moisturizer. However, her face is completely covered by a magazine, open to a double-page photo of a car. Every emotion is used to sell us something. The consumer culture encourages us not only to buy more but to seek our identity and our fulfillment through what we buy, to express our individuality through our "choices" of products.

In the history of the world there has never been a propaganda effort to match that of advertising in the past fifty years. Things become especially dangerous when the products are potentially addictive, because addicts do feel they are in a relationship with their substances. Here we assist to an obvious illusionary scenario played by the ads corporation.

Other aspects of the media are serious — the violent films, the trashy talk shows, the bowdlerization of the news. The man is on top of the woman, presumably making love to her. There is no way to tune out this much information, especially when it is carefully designed to break through the "tuning out" process.

We are surrounded by hundreds, thousands of messages every day that link our deepest emotions to products, that objectify people and trivialize our most heartfelt moments and relationships.

Advertising corrupts relationships and then offers us products, both as solace and as substitutes for the intimate human connection we all long for and need. Advertising reinforces these beliefs, so we are twice seduced — by the ads and by the substances themselves. By definition, however, it is only interested in materialistic values.

Other aspects of the media are serious--the violent films, the trashy talk shows, the bowdlerization of the news. Taken individually, I suppose they might seem amusing or, at worst, tasteless. Some argue that advertising simply reflects societal values rather than affecting them.

Substitute stories Human beings used to be influenced primarily by the stories of our particular tribe or community, not by stories that are mass-produced and market-driven. After all, it is easier and considerably safer to love a product than a person.

In the world of advertising, enlightenment is achieved instantly by purchasing material goods.

Jesus is a brand of jeans.

No human being lives outside of culture. Seeking the outcomes of a healthy relationship through products cannot work. Media critic Neil Postman referred to this as "cultural rape.

Advertising operates not only in our physical environment, but increasingly in our spiritual environment as well. What kind of comfort or confidence is that?

No matter how much we love them, they will never love us back.

Boys learn that masculinity requires a kind of ruthlessness, even brutality. By definition, however, it is only interested in materialistic values. Tuned in Most people feel that advertising is not something to take seriously. More thought, more effort, more money goes into advertising than has gone into any other campaign to change social consciousness.

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Next to the child, assorted sporting gear is carefully strapped into a carseat.Jun 04,  · In the article, “Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans,” Jean Killbourne writes about advertising and how it has an effect on us as a society. In the New Internationalist Magazine where this was article was published Kilbourne tells us how the world of advertising has managed to grab hold of our needs and wants to fit in and become cool.

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Jean Kilbourne

Books Can't Buy My Love Can’t Buy My Love is the paperback edition of Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising, published in hardback in Denton1 Jessica N.

Denton ENG Prof.

Gary Crump 15 Sept. Woodbury Loop Morgantown, KY () Abstract of "Jesus is a Brand of Jeans" In Jean Kilbourne's essay, "Jesus is a Brand of Jeans," she discusses how advertisements have become such a.

Mildly shocking because a respected religious icon is reduced to a commonplace item of clothing like jeans Rhetorical Purpose: Jesus is a Brand of Jeans To inform us of the dangers of advertising and persuade us to believe her and take it seriously.

Summary of “Jesus is a brand of Jeans” This article tells readers that how do advertisements influence human’s daily life silently.

According to this article, it says that nowadays advertisements tell buyers that buyers will be loved by things they have bought instead/5(1).

Jesus is a brand of jeans
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