Kellogg s special k target market report

Consumers need signals which will reassure them and make them buy the product. Generally office going people need ready to eat breakfast and Kellogg fulfills their requirement very easily and thus makes it brand image.

Range of products form tasty cereals to healthy breakfasts helped the company in achieving its leadership position Marketing Week Promotional activities are required by Kellogg because without promotion it would not be able to make its consumers aware about its products.

Cereals are available in different flavours: Messages which are required to reach at the consumers are the features of the products as well as the benefits that the consumers will get by consuming the products of Kellogg. As we have discussed above that Kellogg is available in more than countries therefore the legal requirements of different countries would be different and it needs to understand those requirements carefully so that there will not be any chance of bad ads.

Availability of the products at the right time is very essential in making product a brand. All Bran contains fibers.

As we discussed above that trade and advertising both are necessary for an effective promotional activity, Kellogg used advertising as well in this event.

Determination of Target Market for Kellogg's Special K

For making a brand it is required that the company makes an image into the mind of the consumers and consumers accept any brand according to their taste and preferences.

In other words, All Bran is the key to freedom. Kellogg is involved in many promotional activities.


It gave a 30 second Television commercial so that it can support is promotional event. It is essential for a company that the target consumers of the company have knowledge about the products of the company. Consumers just have to add milk. Company uses many marketing and promotional techniques to gain its competitive advantage.

The back side contain brand sales ptiches which will be reviewed in another post. Another important strategy used by Kellogg is sponsorship of events. According to the activities given in the case study Kellogg targeted family members in the event of Star War TM Movies.

What I am trying to say here is that Kellogg is required to make different branding strategies for different places of the world which is a big challenge. This event was the biggest event of Kellogg for families which was conducted with the help of Television commercial as well as online support.

When we consider positioning activities we find that with the help of promotional events Kellogg has positioned itself as a market leader in cereal manufacturing industry. It has a range of products and with effective promotional techniques Kellogg wants to make its consumers aware about its products.Kellogg’s is a big name in the cereal industry and Special K with Chocolatey Flakes is one of Kellogg’s powerful brands which introduced to cereal market in The product is combination of lightly sweetened Special K flakes with.

Determination of Target Market for Kellogg's Special K - Anne-Kathrin Müller - Seminar Paper - Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media - Publish your bachelor's or Pages: 7.

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Kelloggs Special K Consumer Insights

Download. Whether or not the organisation has set its target market and positioning carefully will determine if its marketing mix strategy, including price, will be straightforward or not. For example Kellogg‟s Special K targeted towards women and carefully positioned themselves in the healthy foods section.

The popularity of Kellogg’s Special K took off about 10 years ago after market researchers discovered that the strongest target market was women who want to lose weight. Inthe launch of the nutrition and protein-focused products hit the market, and since then, Special K has been a thriving brand for Kellogg.

Kellogg and Nestle Cereal Branding 18 Dec Children Ceral Market: Cocoa Krispies VS Chocapic Kellogg’s divided the target segment of children market into four sub-segments. It analyzes each segments attributes translate them into benefits. Special K focuses on a target market of women who want to be healthy and lose weight.

Kellogg s special k target market report
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