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I never got a chance to thank him. Sur quoi tu travailles toi? Pourquoi je ne ferais pas pareil? De ne pas du tout aider. The story is set in New York. She kissed him on the cheek and then wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly, laying her head down on his shoulder. The Ghost knelt beside Phalanx, holding a hand out for Brooke to shake.

All the Other Ghosts (Boyxboy Superhero AU Fanfic (Klaine))

The Ghost had rescued too many battered wives, too many would-be victims of mugging or rape to be cavalier about any insult to women. Vous avez jamais entendu les fichiers audio ou quoi?

She balanced the girl on her hip. Tout le monde le reblogue. Fiction T - English - Kurt H. But before we go, I want a word with you boys.

This was such a beautiful love and adventure story and I am so damn excited to read the sequel.

But not the scary kind of ghost, I promise. Tell your sister hello from me, ok? Phalanx felt The Ghost tense beside him, and looked over to see his eyes narrowed through his mask. I think if you ask really nicely, he might let you see him.

Tu veux jamais en parler. After that this series will be updated sporadically, dependent on my real life commitments and how events in Grey may inspire me. The other managed to maintain his seat on the fish but stopped pumping as he gawked over his shoulder.

Some of the fans are poor, some mentally ill, some struggling with other issues. He was probably still in the shadows. He felt himself turn insubstantial and backed slowly away, watching their amazed expressions for as long as he could.Find and follow posts tagged all the other ghosts on Tumblr.

These drabbles were inspired by Rainjoy's amazing superhero AU, All the Other Ghosts, which I strongly encourage you to read if you haven't already. For the purposes of reading these drabbles, all you need to know is that Kurt is The Ghost and Blaine is Phalanx. Podfic by klb and mcollinknight (aka professorbutterscotch) of a fic by rainjoy.

Author's summary: It's a big city for one more lost soul in a mask. Superhero AU.

All the Other Ghosts

Get notified when All the Other Ghosts (Boyxboy Superhero AU Fanfic (Klaine)) is updatedReviews: This is a comic of Rainjoy's 'All the Other Ghosts'. All art we post on this blog belongs to the artists on the ATOG team and the story belongs to Rainjoy.

The characters that you recognise belong to. rainjoy is the author of All the Other Ghosts ( avg rating, 34 ratings, 5 reviews) and Grey ( avg rating, 22 ratings, 2 reviews)/5(7).

Rainjoyswriting all the other ghosts rainjoy
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