Ref impact pilot case study

Analysis found that these wider impacts and benefits often stem from multidisciplinary work. Did you blog your research and how many people read the blogs? If not, can they provide testimonials about the impact of your work?

REF impact

These case studies provide a unique and invaluable source of information on the impact of UK research. Quantitative data and indicators need to be meaningful and contextualised to clearly support the case being made, not used as a substitute for a clear narrative.

Impacts on students, teaching and other activities in HEIs were excluded unless the reach of those impacts extended significantly beyond the submitting institution.

Related to this, make sure you provide detailed, specific and independent evidence to support every claim you make. UK higher education HE research has wide and varied benefits on the economy, society, culture, policy, health, the environment and quality of life — both within the UK and overseas.

Create a coherent narrative that explains clearly the relationship between the underpinning research and the impact. Be as clear as possible about exactly what the impact was, adding some sort of precise quantification with numbers wherever possible. If so, can you go back to these organisations to see how they used your work?

See the case studies mapped Impact case studies As part of the Research Excellence Framework exercise, UK higher education institutions HEIs submitted 6, impact case studies demonstrating the impact of their research on wider society. Impacts on research or the advancement of academic knowledge within the higher education sector were excluded in REF and are expected to be excluded again in REF, to avoid duplication with the assessment of research outputs.

From here to there The geographic impact of research Maps of impact case studies The maps of impact case studies indicate the local and global spread of research impact for UK higher education institutions HEIs by impact type and research area. The REF impact case study database The impact case study database is a searchable tool that will make the impact case studies widely available, and will enable analysis and automated text mining.

Did any trade journals or close-to-policy journals or websites cover the work? One of the key problems is the overlap between concepts of significance and reach, as they are highly connected and correlated in most cases.

Universities engage with a range of public, private and charitable organisations and local communities. This approach to impact may be criticized as biased towards a narrow set of self-reinforcing perceptions of what constitutes valid and significant impacts, created primarily between different sectors of the research community, rather than in the eyes of beneficiaries.

These impacts have to have occurred within the census period in this case from to be eligible. What is the readership of a particular newspaper or online media source and how might this translate into money via advertising revenues linked to page views and circulation?The impact template is worth 80% of the unit's overall Impact score.

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Case studies describe specific examples of impacts achieved during the assessment period, underpinned by excellent research in the period 1 January to 31 December REF impact pilot: revised case study template and guidance July We have amended the case study template following feedback from pilot HEIs and panel members and would like to use a revised template for the example case studies that we intend to publish as part of the pilot report.

Impact case study (REF3b) °C versus °C for mineral oil. Ester liquids have been used in low voltage (LV) transformers (≤33 kV) for twenty years, but were not used in HV transformers before Some impact case studies submitted to REF that have continued to generate further impacts during the current REF period are likely to be eligible for re-submission to REF HEFCE are currently consulting on this, to try and get the balance right between incentivising Higher Education Institutes to continue developing and building.

Impact. Impact and the REF.

Impact was introduced to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in REF In the REF, impact is defined as an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia. REF impact element cost £55 million.

Each of the 7, submitted impact case studies cost a median of £7, to produce, and took about 30 days. The latter figure compares with just five days in the preREF impact pilot, suggesting to Dr Manville that the high stakes of the REF proper meant a lot of “gold plating” had been.

Ref impact pilot case study
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