River pang coursework

So the main process at work is deposition leading to features like floodplain and deltas. It is essential that areas to be studied to illustrate the range of spatial contexts and scales should be carefully chosen to develop wider spatial awareness.

Meanders began to show up a bit in moor copse which is a part of SSSI. Stream width see graph 8 — The stream width at Bucklebury Ford Site 1 is 5.

As the river Loddon has a housing estate near to it, we researched the effect on the river. We investigated the human activities and developments to determine the accuracy of hypothesis 2.

However basic features about gradient, bed load size, velocity will have changes as we move down the stream. Despite this problem, I think the results produced were accurate. However there was an exception in the last site in pang Bourne. Make sure that both poles are vertical and the right way up It happens, people do hold it upside down sometimes!

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It became dominant in Tidmarsh. It starts with an introduction to Geography in Year 7 and runs through several Physical, Human and Environmental themes up to the end of Year 9.

The bar chart below shows mean cross-sectional area at five sampling sites along a stream.

Geography Fieldwork

By the end, we were armed with knowledge from our lessons, the first hand data sourced from our field trip and the Bonaventurian will to learn in holiness, we were ready to work towards succeeding in one of the most interesting and relevant GCSE subject.

When we went to buckle bury the place was a residential area. An increase in cross-sectional area means that the river is becoming wider and deeper. We measured the following things: Clearly this increases the amount of water in the river and therefore the energy in the river is increased.

Geographical Enquiry assessed by controlled assessment that replaces coursework. Try to use geographical words as much as you can.

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Geography- River Pang Field work Focus

ultimedescente.com 3 GCSE GEOGRAPHY BEXEPAR C ANDIDATE WOR Fieldwork Focus Rivers title: How and why do natural features vary along the stretch of your chosen river/stream?

1. Introduction Hypothesis We know every river starts its journey from its source. In the upper course of the river, the channel is at a high above its. IGCSE and GCSE Geography Coursework (Paper 4) IB Geography Textbooks and Wider Reading and Viewing IB Geography Case Studies IGCSE Rivers and GCSE Rivers Specification: River processes Candidates should be able to.

Year 10 River Pang Geography Fieldwork

The river Pang is also a river which can be very dry in summer time because there is very little water in the river unless it is a rainy season and if it rains a lot there could be floods and draughts in river Pang.

My aim in this coursework is to investigate the following hypothesis, number 1- the characteristics of the River Pang change with distance from the source, and number 2- the characteristics of the river will be negatively affected by the planned housing development.

River Pang Coursework

To investigate hypothesis 1 we visited 2 sites along the river Pang: Bucklebury [ ].

River pang coursework
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