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After mandatory military service, I started Brainlab in I have started cooking. We focused early on customers here. It allows you to track the incision of a surgical instrument and shows its tip relative to an image of computer tomography or magnetic resonance tomography that was obtained prior to surgery.

Brainlab is always looking ahead in terms of medical innovation. I had to push our first product — simple software to plan angles for a mechanical device that would reach a certain pathway with high precision for brain surgery.

Brainlab has always positioned itself as being the best you can get for precise neurosurgery. In fact, it was inspired by the movie Minority Report where crimes in the future are manipulated on a big touch screen.

Sunday Sitdown with Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO of med-tech firm Brainlab

Stefan vilsmeier brainlab, in fact, we released that technology 6 months Stefan vilsmeier brainlab the release of the iPhone. One of the trends in healthcare is that hospitals are acquiring more and more digital medical information.

Management Board

Logistically, Chicago is easy to reach. My workout is a combination of yoga and Pilates. To hear someone lecture on the basic principles of computer science, I really hated. Allowing them to bring the existing data alive so they can make better decisions in the operating room to achieve more precise and safer surgery for the benefit of their patients.

I settled for something that required a combined steam-and-convection oven. For his outstanding contributions to economic growth and achievements as an entrepreneurial role model, Stefan Vilsmeier has been honored with several awards.

Seventy-five percent of the top 1, cancer centers worldwide use Brainlab technology. I travel a lot throughout Asia where you see a lot of new technologies, even at gadget shops in the airport in Hong Kong or Singapore before they become commonly known in the rest of the world.

We found customers to be highly trained technologically, very sophisticated, and based on the very high-end market share we had in Germany and the close ties between neurosurgeons there and neurosurgeons in Saudi Arabia, that has made it easy for us to succeed.

Considering that Brainlab already has 70 customers using our navigation technology in the region, we already have a lot of feedback and have more or less condensed that into a new generation of technology that we are introducing here.

At the Bavarian Innovation Awards inStefan was the only nominee to receive a special award for innovative leadership methods and marketing concepts.

It took four months to hire away all of the talented people from that firm. The precision should be used in a way where incisions can be smaller and surgeries can be less invasive and tumors, in the brain for example, can be reached with greater precision and that is what our technology provides.

Connecting advanced diagnostic and surgical technology, this Intelligent Treatment Framework enables physicians to manage and select the right data necessary for better-informed medical decisions at their discretion, at any desired time and place. It is unusual for medical device companies to have such a focus on the Middle East, but I think it is very critical because the needs are really different and the way hospitals are set up and nurses work here are different.

Why did you choose Chicago for Brainlab Academy? That never discouraged me. Therefore, the technology that we are introducing here always uses more displays, more space, more interactive intelligent views that allow surgeons to manipulate the information with their fingertips.

How have recent technological advancements impacted business for Brainlab? Most of our revenue comes from our cranial navigation product — a GPS system for the brain.

What is navigation and how does it enable better surgery? What are the biggest challenges that you face in doing business in the Middle East? Vilsmeier was the youngest recipient of this prestigious decoration at that time. I had to fund it with bank loans.

I bought the DVD of that movie and gave it to one of our best project managers and said here is a million dollar budget, this is what I want for the medical field and the results of that are now included in our new curve navigation system.

With that information, surgeons can navigate past bio-critical structures through a small opening in the skull safely to a tumor to perfectly resect the tumor.

I had to personally guarantee those loans. Even when Brainlab was growing, the [first clients] were late to pay. For Brainlab, the Middle East has always been a critical market.

With him, I think we will continue to succeed in the years going forward.

At that time in Germany, entrepreneurs were thought of as people who abused workers and stuffed money in their pockets. It becomes increasingly important for physicians to analyze that information and make sure that nothing slips their attention.

For me, the computer was initially an instrument of artistic expression, something that could drive my creativity. I tried 50 versions.View Stefan Vilsmeier’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Stefan has 1 job listed on their profile.

See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Stefan’s Title: President & CEO, Brainlab. Stefan Vilsmeier is Chairman-Mgmt Board/Co-Founder at Brainlab AG. See Stefan Vilsmeier's compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

BrainLAB was born when Stefan Vilsmeier, once a German schoolboy living in Munich, realized there had to be a better way to integrate the visualization and mapping capabilities of software and the actual physical act of surgery.

Sunday Sitdown with Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO of med-tech firm Brainlab. Among the medical, biotech and digital manufacturing firms moving operations here is Brainlab, which creates technology.

Brainlab President & CEO Stefan Vilsmeier on the healthcare business in the Middle East

Stefan Vilsmeier, a self-taught computer programmer, is a German entrepreneur, inventor, author, and founder, president and CEO of Brainlab. InVilsmeier became the youngest recipient of the Bavarian Order of Merit, presented to him by former Bavarian Minister President, Edmund Stoiber.


Stefan Vilsmeier is the CEO and founder of Brainlab, which he established in and which now has 1, employees in 17 offices worldwide.

Stefan vilsmeier brainlab
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