Strategic management case studies with answers

Locke Biocon India Group has just formed a new subsidiary, Clinigene, to provide services in clinical trials. Byall the major consumer electronics companies — like Sony, Philips and Panasonic — and the mobile phone manufacturers — like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola — were catching up fast with new launches that were just as stylish, cheaper and with more capacity.

A leading manufacturer of cold-forged steel, the company was considering entering the automotive industry as a Tier 2 supplier.

Strategic Management Case plus Case Answer – Apple’s Profitable but Risky Strategy

Mature phone market, little involvement in music market to the present, its new music service has no clear sustainable advantage. Now you have to be alert every day, week and month to renew your strategy. This case explores this profitable but risky strategy.

However, Nokia is just moving into the recorded music market and it has already produced its own version of the touch phone [with clear advantages over the iPhone according to one independent magazine review]. Note that these indicative answers really only make sense in the context of Chapter 1 of Strategic Management, sixth edition.

What are the implications for strategy development? Concerns abound, however, as to whether this new subsidiary could prove to be a distraction or worse to this enzyme and pharmaceutical manufacturer.

These should add up to major Strategic management case studies with answers as to how the market will develop.

The main problems relate to the uncertainties of new technology and the difficulty in predicting how these will be exploited.

Strategy Case Studies

Apple Annual Report and Accounts for and And unlike the launch of its first personal computer, Apple sought industry co-operation rather than keeping the product to itself. The Macintosh was launched in This latter remains today the Strategic management case studies with answers programme of its kind.

Battle with Microsoft Although the Mac had some initial success, its software was threatened by the introduction of Windows 1. This case was written by Richard Lynch from published sources only.

At a time when the future of the U. But other companies, notably the Korean company Samsung and the Taiwanese company, HTC, were to have more success later. What are the problems with predicting how the market and the competition will change over the next few years?

Strong brand name, market leader in music delivery, user-friendly products, design skills, quality, exclusive contracts, profitable, strong vision Apple weaknesses: Just 24 months earlier, the company had acquired U.

To follow up this development, Apple launched the Apple Tablet in — again an element of risk because no one really new how well such a product would be received or what its function really was. But there was no denying that the first Apple tablet carried some initial risks for the company.

There also were hints from commentators that Nokia was likely to make a loss on its new download music service. This made the iPhone different in that its screen was no longer limited by the fixed buttons and small screens that applied to competitive handsets.

The world market leader responded by launching its own phones with touch screens. The rest of the market consisted of sales of CDs and DVDs direct from the leading recording companies. Apple was still the market leader and was able to demonstrate major increases in sales and profits from the development of the iPod and iTunes.

An additional problem is the degree of economic uncertainty that may impact on customer ability to buy phones. So, why was the Apple strategy risky? Over the next few years, this non-co-operation strategy turned out to be a major weakness for Apple. Jobs and Wozniack took the concept back to Apple and developed their own computer — the Apple Macintosh Mac — that used this consumer-friendly interface.

Referring to the new download service, Rob Wells, senior Vice President for digital music at Universal commented: Apple does not look like a company that is strong in the mobile phone market.

Katie Barrett, Anand Mohanrangan, Teru Tanaka and Yipeng Zhao SinceBuenos Aires-based Conexia had grown successfully by providing electronic billing and reconciliation services to the Argentinean healthcare market.

However, the extension into Apple mobile telephones remained to be proven at the time of writing. It is widely used around the world in publishing and fashion houses. The second generation Apple tablet was then launched in after the success of the initial model.

Even inApple has not taken a dominant share of the mobile phone market, but it is highly profitable. Importantly with regard to assessing who is stronger, it is essential to identify the uncertainties in the market place — new technologies, responses of consumer electronics companies, etc.

By contrast, Nokia is really struggling. Lessons in at least five areas:The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – no reproduction without prior consent STRATEGIC CASE STUDY MAY EXAM ANSWERS Variant 3.


Bank of extended strategic case studies, questions and suggested solutions. Cases. Industry: Theme of specimen answers. 1. new products involve the full effort and cooperation of a total management structure as but an experimental pilot launch programme will require answers to three basic questions: 1.

Is there ‘real’ consumer. Marketing 10 Case tudies Claire Garcia Jean-Louis Martinez MarketinG - CoMMuniCation ManaGeMent sup Case studies with solutions. LearningEdge's strategic case studies include narratives that facilitate class discussion on management.

Learn about these free resources at MIT Sloan. Strategy Management Case Studies.

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Tesco - Steering Wheel Strategy Management. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Managing & Measuring Healthcare Performance Strategy Management.

Essex Police: Creating A Strategic ‘Plan on a Page’ To Manage Performance Strategy Management. The FBI: Implementing A Strategic.

Strategic Management case studies shows strategic planning issues and solutions for an organization. Business Strategy case study identifies business growth strategies, strategic merger and deals examples, positioning a product in a way for market growth, different market entry strategies and strategic acquisitions for business growth.

Strategic management case studies with answers
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