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He discovers he has to wind up her affairs without any help from the locals who will not approach the house because they believe the house is cursed!

Theatre Review- The Woman in Black

Have booked to see it again. These are older reviews - the cast has changed many times! And with this the audiences fear and anticipation rises along side until the whole theatre is sitting in pin drop silence awaiting something inevitably awful. It is a clever tale that is full of surprises and suspense.

Years later, The woman in black theatre review recounts his experiences, desperate to exorcise the ghosts of the past.

It is cleverly written, and directed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Whilst I could see most of the stage, I felt fairly cut off from the action, and I missed some moments that were played far upstage.

Ken Drury who played Arthur Kipps performed his well rounded character with conviction, he performed particularly well during his role as the narrator, his fast, loud and panicked voice created tension and brought the audience up to their height of terror and his acting as Arthur Kipps provided an endearing character The woman in black theatre review the audience to connect with.

The audience is slightly keyed-up. I have never witnessed an audience jump and gasp in such genuine shock as they do here. However, the dead woman had led a reclusive life in a remote and mysterious house. Thursday, 7th Apr by Lisa T Absolutely brilliant, the actors were superb.

The production relies on the atmosphere it builds, so I would definitely recommend paying a bit extra for good stalls or royal circle seats. Although, the actors really should learn to wait until the pubescent giggling and shrieking has stopped before continuing on with their lines, as not a soul can hear them.

A year later, it moved to the Lyric Hammersmith and finally to the West End, where it has played at the Fortune theatre since Stuart Fox as Kipps the Elder unfortunately suffers from volume issues. It is directed by Robin Herford, who directed the original cast in when the show first opened at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, and has directed all subsequent casts.

And what devices they are. With David Acton and Ben Deery as Kipps and the actor, respectively, the production is essentially a two-man show, and these performers rise to the challenge with aplomb. Buy tickets Sam Marlowe " Although, I will say I find the theatre -which is not very big- is in itself hauntingly eerie!

The story concerns a young solicitor who is sent to wind up the affairs of a recently deceased woman. Throughout the performance the audience have been trained to know when a shock is coming because of the repeated tension building techniques, so when none of these things happen in this scene we are utterly taken aback by the sudden down fall and horror that instils us.

Kipps the Elder chimes in from time to time playing various people Kipps the Younger meets during his stay in the village of Crythin Gifford — the roles mainly yokel exposition.

Tristram Kenton Plot-within-the-plot-wise — the story is a standard fare rather similar to the opening of Dracula.

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As a result, it takes a while to become engrossed in the tale, but the play picks up the pace considerably once both characters are fully immersed in the plot.

The venue was small and intimate. The director used this technique however to strip away any mental preparation or expectations the audience had and bring their guards down to insure a riveting experience. I think that for 2 actors to carry this off word perfect and very expression and emotion shown on their faces was amazing too.

On the night I attend, the Fortune is full of screaming year-olds, but the play is easily capable of terrifying older viewers, too. This instils a state of mental insecurity through the audience rendering them vulnerable to basic horror techniques. A distinct red light is used to spotlight the door to clearly manifest the horror that lurks behind and capture the attention of the now petrified audience.

One particular scene in which lighting was used as a dramatic technique was the scene in which the young Arthur Kipps discovers the door, from which he can hear the woman in black on the rocking chair behind it.

The acting was amazing but dragged on a bit at the beginning. Aside from that I found The Woman in Black to be an impressive low budget performance that used traditional techniques in a wildly influential way to really parade the power of drama at its finest.

The Woman in Black Review

Yes, if you like theatrical thrillers, this is your best bet in town. His boss, Alan Ayckbournwas off on sabbatical, so Herford decided, what with Christmas coming up, to put on a ghost story that could be staged cheaply and quickly — not in the main theatre, but in the bar.

Despite never being one for rustling sweet packets or chatterboxes in a theatre audience, this is one occasion where all the noise around me actually enhanced the production.

And it is this consistent cast change, approximately every 6 months that keeps the show fresh. It is extraordinary that with the most basic props, minimal set, a few sound effects along with the atmosphere of the drama and your own imagination this play can scare you stiff!

It was a fantastic evening at the theatre and thoroughly spooky. Sunday, 1st Oct by Carol evans Saw this production with a friend on The Woman in Black sold out the first night it was staged, on 12 Decemberand ran successfully for three weeks.

A year later, it moved to the Lyric Hammersmith and finally to the West End, where it has played at the Fortune theatre since Written on: 04/11/ by tia26 (1 review written) The woman in black is an AMAZING play I would definitely go and see it again!

It is a very small theatre which helps with the tension and general atmosphere throughout the play/5(67).

The Woman in Black is on the National Curriculum for English and Drama, so some performances (especially matinees and on weekdays) are likely to have school groups. The Woman In Black takes Susan Hill’s novel and transforms it to backstage at a theatre where Arthur Kipps is seeking help with the telling of a tale.

He enlists a young actor to help him make a presentation, hoping that in the telling his demons will be dispelled and a horrible weight lifted from his soul.

The woman in black has a distinct wardrobe which is obviously dressed in all black this makes her seem mysterious and spooky by the use of the dark shade, black.

The overall impact that this play had on me was one that left me shaking out of 3/5. The Most Terrifying Live Theatre Experience in The World THE WOMAN IN BLACK is a gripping theatrical exploration of terror, 'a masterpiece (The Guardian) that's been thrilling audiences of all ages with its unique blend of suspense, drama and bold stagecraft.

The woman in black theatre review
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