Topics to write about in a diary of a mad

Inside the cave Describe the motions of a ballet dancer. Not only is this an extreme example of physical abuse, it is also an excellent example of the lesser known, and therefore lesser addressed, verbal and emotional abuse.

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Explain how to make your favorite sandwich It makes me blush when Write a note to a teacher Describe the BEST ice cream and tell why you feel that way The first thing I remember My Life as a Pencil Discuss these times in your life.

Tell about some you have tried. What would you do with a bairn?

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

The day of the Lord is close at hand Why do some Christians seem ashamed to share the gospel with others? What is a rainbow?

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A Time I Was in Trouble How would you feel as a passenger in a space ship on the way to the Moon? Describe a typical day for you in the summer How to whistle TV shows you like What is an experience you would hate to repeat? Tell about one such time. It reminds me of a woman that used to attend our church with her family.

Dating on a dime Hope these ideas help!

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How to eat an apple While it was grossly understated, the audience certainly had a very good idea of what an abused person, especially an abused wife goes through during a recovery process.

Helen takes advantage of her husband, which seems to be the farthest thing a true Christian would do. What is the ideal age to be?

Write about an "ideal day".

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Diary of a Mad Black Woman took on a ridiculously Christian, preachy tone. How to do a somersault Journal Topics JOURNALING IDEAS Remember, you can always journal about the book you are reading!!

Goal: journal entries per week ( per marking period). How to Write a Diary Every Day for a Year and Make It Interesting.

A diary is a way of keeping track of your memories, but it has other benefits as well -- diaries are good for your creativity and mental health, and they can even help you. Apr 27,  · Decorate your plain diary.

If your diary is a plain notebook, decorate it to make it new and fresh. This will make you more excited to write in your diary each day, and give you a clean slate to think of new ideas for your diary%(32).

Write about your friends, coworkers and family members, describing what they are like, what you like and dislike about each one, etc.

Write about your job, pets, your home, etc. Write about your daily activities so you can look back and remember each moment. Jul 04,  · Edit Article How to Write a Diary. Four Parts: Sample Diary Entries Making Decisions about Your Diary Writing Diary Entries Personalizing Your Diary Community Q&A Diaries are wonderful objects that give writers a chance to let out pent up emotions, record dreams or ideas, and reflect on daily life%().

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Topics to write about in a diary of a mad
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