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Einsatzgruppen SS "action squads" sent into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union that conducted mass executions of Jews by shooting groups of them to fall into ditch-graves.

Panzer Fast-moving, armored tanks.

World War 2

Blitzkrieg - This means "lightning war" in German. Elliott offers a selection of videos of V-E Day. There was no freedom of speech.

Germany Aryan A person of pure German heritage and blood, which Hitler considered the superior race. He was arrested and died during Gestapo interrogation. The needs of the Ww2 vocab outweighed the needs, beliefs, or freedoms of the individual.

Ninety-one Jews were killed and 20, were sent to concentration camps. Soon, Hitler was confiscating Jewish homes and belongings. Holocaust Memorial Museum website for more information.

Rosie the Riveter Many women worked in factories, making important war munitions, even welding together bombers and bombs. U-boats Short for Unterseeboote, German submarines. In radio contact, bomber crews would call them "little friends.

Foreigners — those who were simply minority ethnic or religious groups included — were hated and persecuted. Fuhrer - The title Adolf Hitler gave himself. Fascism - A type of government ruled by a dictator. Operation Overlord The code-name for the Allied invasion of France. Liebensraum The excuse used by Hitler to justify his invasions of Eastern Europe.

Of those, the American forces numbered 23, on Utah Beach, 34, on Omaha Beach, and 15, airborne troops. The planes were sometimes full of explosives and the pilots knew they were going to die.

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Make a tax-deductible donation today. Battle maps from the Combat Studies Institute offer more information about Blitzkrieg and paths taken during the war.

Germany with Hitler and Italy with Mussolini were fascist governments. Fascism A political system promoted by Hitler and his ally, Italian dictator Mussolini, that called for citizens to be unquestioningly loyal to the nation and obedient of its leader. Army was able to move its troops through the snow to double its number of soldiers and triple its armored tanks in four days.

The day the Allied victory in Japan was celebrated; September 2, Luftwaffe - The name for the German air force. He encouraged boycotts of their shops. Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page.

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Gestapo - The Nazi police force. Rationing Things like meat, gasoline, silk for parachutes, and Ww2 vocab for tires needed to go to the military first, so the government set up quotas to ensure everyone received a fair share of what was left. Appeasement - This was the policy of many countries when Hitler first started to take over Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia.

Concentration Camps Hitler also began systematically denying Jews their abilities to work or own businesses. Originally known as "re-education" centers, these concentration camps gathered political undesirables, ethnic minorities, and disabled people who could not work into restricted and controlled areas.

Visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum website for more information. They hunted down enemies of the Nazi party as well as Jewish people. P Mustang The American fighter plane that escorted bombers to their missions and engaged in dog-fights with Luftwaffe pilots. The hard-won Allied victory was a turning point in the war.

This pact created the Axis Powers alliance. Pact of Steel - A treaty signed by the Germany and Italy. For instance, in April and Maythe Allied air forces lost nearly 12, men and over 2, aircraft in bombing raids to pave the way for D-Day.Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries that were allies in World War 2.

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In WW2 people had to register with shops before they could. World War II, or the Second World War[1] (often abbreviated WWII or WW2), was a global military conflict lasting from to which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers, organised into two.

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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations There are entries in this glossary.

Ww2 vocab
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